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Ideas for Joomla

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Cloud Zoom for Joomla Module

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Cloud Zoom for Joomla

Cloud Zoom is a jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom.

The other day I made a Joomla plugin for Cloud Zoom. Now I made the module which allows you to use the gallery feature.

CssJsCompress X

CssJsCompress is a Joomla extension that can combine external javascript files as one compressed file to improve the speed of your Joomla site.

jQuery Module for Joomla

How to use jQuery and Mootools together in Joomla

Does your Joomla site need jQuery and MooTools?
I made a module that loads jQuery as avoiding the conflict when you use them together.


Subscription Manager For Joomla Alternative (SMFJA) lets you have a subscribers only page for your Joomla website.