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Cloud Zoom for Joomla Lite Plugin ( for 1.5 )



Cloud Zoom is a jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom.

Cloud Zoom for Joomla plugin Lite works by enclosing A tag having IMG tag like this:


You can also enable the plugin by adding the class "cloud-zoom" to A tag instead of enclosing it:


To use Cloud Zoom for Joomla plugin with the 2nd method you can specify the parameters individually to each A tag. To do that please refer this page (this will require you some HTML knowledge).

After the installation a CSS file will be stored as "plugins/system/cloud-zoom-lite.joomla.css" so you can overwrite the styles by referring the file.


To use the plugin in ZOO Item, You may have to define the following style:
/* Cloud Zoom for ZOO page */
#yoo-zoo .cloud-zoom {
    position: static !important;
#yoo-zoo .cloud-zoom-title {
    text-align: center !important;


Size 9.73 KB
License GNU/GPL
Author Hiro Nozu
Website Ideas for Joomla!
Created 2010-09-04
Modified at 2012-05-05